Doporučení rodilé mluvčí

I, Eurydice Prentoulis, US citizen residing in Prague, was Dan Müller's native English teacher at
Na Dlouhem Lanu Elementary and Middle School, located in Prague 6, for two years, between 2012 and 2014. During this time, I came to know him as a very atypical student for his age group. He is fluent in English (already, even before I was his teacher). He speaks with an excellent pronunciation, is prolifically hard working, motivated, organized and ambitious when it comes to his education. What is more, he has been, from the very start, an unusually gifted student in his capacity to transfer his knowledge to others. In the two years in which I taught him (English at an advanced level), I found out that he himself gives English lessons to other students of all ages, both younger and older than he, and that he also gave lessons to adults. He was always very enthusiastic about sending me materials which he developed and organized, in order to facilitate my teaching of English to younger students. 

As I have already said, Daniel Müller is not your average student, by any means. His frequent visits to my classroom - both during his time at Na Dlouhem Lanu, and even after, when he moved on to high school, were moments of immense inspiration and satisfaction for me as a teacher. He proved by his conversations regarding his own private lessons of English, that he gives deep thought to the nature and structure of the language, and to the effective pedagogy behind his learning that then becomes an act of teaching. He understands younger and older children, and, being kind, patient and sensitive, is very personable in his approach to teaching. He understands the fundamentals of English grammar, the eccentricities of the language in terms of its rules and exceptions, its "anarchistic" spelling, and how to cleverly use words to create effect in both public speaking and writing. His lessons (many sent to me in the form of Powerpoint presentations) are very clear and easy to read, and he presents concepts in a graduated form from simple to complex. All his lessons and presentations incorporate British or American culture and history through the textual content and colorful photos. Thus, this engaged and engaging student transformed himself into an engaging teacher whose instruction is interesting, student-centered and meaningful.

Daniel Müller's level of maturity and skills, as both a school student and as an English teacher, are therefore highly impressive. He is also adept in using the Internet and computer technology resources to collect and to analyze information, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning. He often helped me in this area, as an assistant in class, when in truth, at these moments, he was my teacher rather than the other way around!

Na Dlouhem Lanu School was fortunate to have Daniel Müller as a student and I believe every one of his own students are lucky indeed. Being an ongoing student himself, he is the first to understand students' needs in both the academic and the empathetic sense. He is exceptionally bright, reliable and a highly talented individual. It is therefore my pleasure to recommend Daniel Müller as part of any organization that requires a teacher and is able to hire or engage with someone so young. I know that anyone who gets lessons with him will not leave the lesson without having learned what is necessary to know, and perhaps he is the one to help a student make a breakthrough that more "seasoned" teachers have failed to do. I truly wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors.

Eurydice Prentoulis,

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